The latest workout of the week is from none other than Matt Pain!


IMG_1659The most important aspect about fitness, to keep it real and committed, is to make it fun.

It was really cool this week to see our Matt come up with and proceed to do his own workout yesterday.  And surprisingly, this is a great workout for any age, and any family member.  If a 6 year old can do it, than who can’t?  So try this on your own, or grab the family and make it a fun competition.  The important aspect is that you are getting outside, doing complex functional movements, with a bit of cardio conditioning.  Warm-up and stretch before hand, and ensure that your technique is sound.  Any questions, please call or email us!  Good luck!

“The Matt Pain”

IMG_1642For time: 2 Rounds of:

30 Shoulder Presses

30 kettlebell swings

30 box jumps

400 metre run


For this workout, if you don’t have weights at home, do push-ups for the shoulder presses.  If you don’t have a kettlebell (which is a great investment) use a large water jug, or one of those big laundry soap jugs filled with water or gravel.  And if you don’t have an appropriate box to jump with, try jumping jacks instead.





Remember, the key here is fun, while getting outside, and making it inclusive for all the family!  Try it and let Matt know how it went!


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